About me

My name is Lachlan.  I am Australian by birth and a permanent European citizen, I embrace Expat life, and all that goes with it!

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I currently live in Warsaw Poland. Before that I lived in Germany, Switzerland and Australia

My horse Sanson is Spanish, and one of a kind!

I am a professional ballet dancer with the Polish National Ballet.

I am a freelance horse trainer and riding instructor, based in Warsaw with work appearances in Spain.

I am an approved saddle fitter for GHOST saddles, a handmade flexible tree saddle, designed and made in Italy.Logo Ghost



My goal is to approach horses from a unique perspective, to help people find the best version of their true selves, and the same for their horses.    Creative Perspective Awareness is how I train my own horse, other peoples horses, and participate in horse rehabilitation.


My approach starts first with horse psychology, understanding how a horse thinks and feels, and from this, build a bond and relationship with them.  This relationship and bond then carries over into quality riding and horsemanship skill development.  I am not a sport trainer.  But I do train for a very athletic and ambitious rider and horse, just like me and my Equine Partner, Sanson.


I am a licensed trainer of Harmonious Seat Riding from the Horseway (c) Foundation, a horse charity and Natural Horsemanship centre located in central Poland.


In my spare time, I completed a number of Equine related studies, online.  These are not University credited degrees, but add to my breadth of knowledge of horses and their welfare and management, just like my equine reference Library at home.

Equine Nutrition: 98%


Horse Management: 99%horse course.jpg

Veterinary Basicsvet.jpg

My stable of origin, and centre for where I gained my diploma.



Contact me for lesson and ride bookings, appointment scheduling and consultations

Phone:  154 009 919

email:  phillipslachlan@hotmail.com