About me

My name is Lachlan Phillips and everyone calls me Lockie

I am an Australian Horseman located in Warsaw Poland.

Before working with horses I had a successful career in dance, I was the first Australian to work for the largest Opera House in Europe as a Classical Ballet Dancer.  My professional dance training definitely gives me an advantage and unique perspective on horses.  A professional dancer is just like a horse sometimes:  a Creature of Movement, without a voice, often performing in the absence of trust or understanding.  Rhythm, expression, coordination, art, power, emotion all things which dancers and horses share in close contact.

Today, I run a small training business, helping people with their horses and their riding.  I combine regular services in Poland with frequent trips to Spain, working with horses in the Andalucia region, where I met my Equine partner- Sanson.

Sanson is the root of my business and the guiding compass for the direction my life takes.  A horse like him comes only once in a lifetime!  Much more is written about our life together in my blogs.

My roots are in a Natural Horsemanship  but I work with a wide variety of horses, clients and equipment.  I believe that good horsemanship is not specific to a singular technique, method or sport, but down to the individual excellence of the horse and human who stand before me.
Somewhat controversially, I am able to blend together a mixture of classic movement biomechanics, natural equine psychology, athletic movement potential and something I call ‘HORSE DANCING’ into a unique and effective training approach for horses and horse people.

I am result oriented.  I have a strong background in Postive Performance Psychology, my mentor and friend Paulette Mifsud was Australia’s premiere Performance Psychologist, specialising in modern Positive Psychology.  Before she passed away, asked me to continue her life’s work, by teaching people how to have a positive and productive attitude to their obstacles in high performance activities.

My equestrian mentors are Darek and Izabela Domagała who themselves run a unique and wonderful stable in Poland which is in a constant state of development and improvement.  Their gentle approach is the foundation I use to build my own methods upon.  They taught me to be the best version of myself.  I am licensed to represent their Foundation and methods.

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I also run a small and exclusive dealership of GHOST saddles, in Poland and Latvia.  I warmly invite you to have a look and ask questions.

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My stable of origin, and centre for where I gained my diploma.