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Go slowly.  Where is the rush? 

Why do we have to do it all now, be it all now, be perfect yesterday? 

From the beginning of my journey with horses my very solemn promise to myself was

‘I am in no rush’

And therefore my progress has been quite fast.

Fast is slow and slow is fast.   This applies to horses and maybe also with life.

Go to fast with someone and you might fall apart, overwhelm them.  Be in no rush and next thing you know you found a soul mate.

Everything has its own timing.  But in order for natural timing to work we must be able to surrender.  We must give up the human need to manipulate, achieve, strive and control.  Surrender to something bigger than ourselves, whatever that may be.  

If we can do just that one thing, surrender to going slowly, I think we would be well on our way to doing so much better with our horses and ourselves. 31961865_10155163753042000_170694769280811008_n

One thought on “Slow

  1. We live in the time of “instant gratification “ so this post is really quite profound!

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