About Me

My name is Lachlan Phillips. I am an Australian Horseman, many people call me by my nickname; Lockie, if that’s easier for you.

My classical background as a professional ballet dancer taught me how to express complex feelings, ideas and concepts through a physical feeling.  Horsemanship is much like Dance, the mind and body working as one integrated unit to communicate without spoken language.

Today, I run a Horsemanship training and Equine rehab business, helping people with their horses, anywhere I am asked to go. I had a long period in Poland and Eastern Europe, and I am now located in Southern Spain.  I am licensed and experienced to perform my job to a high standard of commitment and results.  I have health insurance covering me for Equestrian activities.  I am ready to meet you and your horses for…

– Horsemanship Clinics, lessons and workshops all over Spain.
– Skype consultations
– APEX barefoot hoof trimming and barefoot hoof keeping consultations
– Private lessons
-Long term Project Horse training
– Clinic tours in the UK and Europe for tailor made Horsemanship events.

For more information about my services and the costs, click on the windows above ‘Equine Services and Prices’.

Sanson is a 10 year old Hispano Breton gelding, my personal horse.  He is the guiding force behind my life and my business.  Most importantly, he is my friend and best teacher.    A horse like him comes only once in a lifetime.  He and I have something very unique and special which can be taught to others.   Much more is written about our life together in my blogs.  More horses are soon to join my personal herd. Stay tuned! 😉

I have named my business EXPAT EQUESTRIAN because it describes who I am and what I stand for.  Good horsemanship is more than a single horse, a single method, a single idea of perfection.  Good horsemanship is transcendent of all cultures, methods and horses.  It is my goal that each of my clients can gain something from me which can help them be better with ANY horse ANYWHERE.

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