Apex Barefoot Trimming


I am a certified barefoot trimmer for the APEX method, founded by trimming master and horse trainer Lana Comeriato in Pennsylvania USA.

This is a moderate approach to the horses hoof.  The high, impacted heels commonly seen in Spanish farriery it is NOT, nor is it encouraging the under-run or over-trimmed heels so commonly seen in modern barefoot trimming.

The Apex method of hoof trimming specialises in rehabilitation of chronically under or over trimmed feet, establishing healthy and strong heel and heel buttress and maintaining quality sole, strong white line attachment, great concavity, and strong, tight hoof wall growth immune to cracks and flares.  APEX does not dictate a pre-prescibed shape to each foot, but allows the foot to grow into its own unique excellence as dictated by their genetics, lifestyle and hoof anatomy.

An APEX trimmed foot is trimmed for the horse rider, not just the horse owner.  APEX is designed to achieve a strong, SOUND and functional foot that can withstand regular intensive work if you need it too, or simply to maintain ultimate comfort and health for your paddock buddy.

APEX encourages a highly regular trim cycle- for most horses this means every two weeks trim check up.  The horse is trimmed LITTLE AND OFTEN, to prevent any pathologies from taking hold in the hoof by staying 100% on top of the hoof as it grows down from the coronet band.

A conservative approach is applied to trimming the foot, and rather than focusing on invasive removal, careful attention is placed on the angle, quality and behaviour of the anatomy of the foot and its characteristics.  It is a subtle and detailed work that is rather like a sculpture or artists work, and less like a mechanic.  Usually, at the two week check up only small touch ups are done.   Every 4 weeks (so once a month) a more in depth trim is performed, if necessary.

A fully rehabbed APEX horse rarely needs invasive trimming and only very irregularly does it need a maintenance touch up.  APEX sees DIET, LIFESTYLE, TRAINING and OWNER ABILITY as essential components to a trimmers rehab success.

I begun with APEX as a student under Lana’s direction and quickly graduated to Certified Trimmer.   I work under her guidance and pathological hooves will get the guidance of Lana and the APEX Certified Trimmer international community hivemind, behind each trim, which improves greatly the collective intelligence behind each treatment and raises our chances of success.

Through the APEX trim, we understand that 70-80% of a hoof and its quality is NUTRITION.  If you require assistance in improving your horses dietary status, I have completed a short studies on Equine Nutrition though Coursera and the University of Edinburgh.  If you require advice or guidance on this matter it is available also.




For more information or to get your horse APEX rehabbed please feel free to contact me.