Check out any kitschy or cliché horse movies or children's television shows and the word spirit will appear regularly.   Prior to employment of this word the horse in question will have done something extreme, such as a rear, or a strike, a buck or a kick and is often accompanied but those cheap, canned neighing sound effects. [...]


This might become a bit personal.  This is a topic that I wish I understood less intimately. When it comes to self-protection, I have TOO MUCH life experience for my age.  Considering I was not born in a third world country, but into the middle class of a first world country, and have travelled the [...]


Truth can be hard. Hard: meaning a certain amount of finality.  A total immovable and insurmountable awareness that gives you no wiggle room for something otherwise. A hard truth, a type of honesty that cannot be manipulated, explained, excused or danced around.   Smoke and mirrors cannot distort it.  You are almost coerced into confronting it.  [...]


Winter is tricky.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is more than just clickbait Facebook scrolling fodder, it is real.  Winter is SAD. Here in north eastern Europe, the realities of winter are particularly gruesome.  Global warming seems to be slowly denying Poles the harsh winters of yesteryear.  If we get days of below -10 they do not [...]


Let's wipe the slate clean. Let us imagine that we were a machine, and our only task was to observe and take down information.  As this machine, we were unable to attach value, understanding, meaning or emotion to what we see. What would you then notice from your horse? What would you then notice from [...]