Yin & Yang, a long journey to truth

This has been hard for me to write.  I have not written for a couple of months because life has been total chaos.  Against my own wisdom I’ve been a ‘Busy Idiot’.  Pushing energy into dumb places for short terms gains.  A necessary task?  Perhaps for that time, but long term?  A poor coping strategy. Continue reading “Yin & Yang, a long journey to truth”

Singing Pigs & Person X

Managing expectations.  Why is this important?   As always in these blogs, life is blended with horses because to me, they are the same thing but also; good Horsemanship is basically good life skills.  Balancing expectations with reality can be make a world of difference.  So many of the lessons horses are trying to teachContinue reading “Singing Pigs & Person X”

The Rollercoaster, The Wave, The Storm and the Silence

I have written about Progress before.  To see what I previously penned about the subject of growth click here:  https://expatequestrian.com/2019/01/02/progress/ I feel like it is time for me to revisit the subject, injecting with it new heart from new experiences. Change is important to me.  It is the process of eliminating from your life thoseContinue reading “The Rollercoaster, The Wave, The Storm and the Silence”

“Look, but Don’t Stare!” Lessons from the Past Self.

It is something I find myself saying a lot lately. ‘LOOK!  But do not stare!” The difference is huge.  The difference rests somewhere the the realms of fixation, stress pathologies and pain addiction. Horses strongly oppose pain.  Pain comes in many forms, from the obvious kinds like physical injuries and the invisible kinds such asContinue reading ““Look, but Don’t Stare!” Lessons from the Past Self.”

The Filly, The Mare and the Good Story of Stress

We have ALL been there.  Myself included. In fact I fight with it daily! Doubt.  Self doubt.  A noxious gas that creeps into your lungs, your mind and your heart.  One day you are a confident, easy going person, sure of your choices, confident in your actions and going about your business with clarity andContinue reading “The Filly, The Mare and the Good Story of Stress”

The General, Gardener and the Guide

I just got back from mucking out my stable and paddocks, a time many horse people know is the perfect time for reflection and thought!  Some of my best ideas came to me when engaged in simple repetitive activity, like long distance driving, poo picking, or trail riding. DISCLAIMER: LONG POST AHEAD!  I have brokenContinue reading “The General, Gardener and the Guide”