A clinic is tailor made to your needs, or you can choose a pre-set program.

Subjects on offer
– Bridle Horse Training
– Bridle-less and bitless Training
– Horse Dancing, Groundwork
– Lunging for Trust and Connection
– Harmonious Seat Riding
– Pilates for Horses
– Rider stretching and Pilates
– Rehabilitation Problem Horses
– Restarting jaded horses
– Backing youngsters
-APEX Barefoot trimming

– We can choose a single topic, for example: Bridle Horse Training.
– A complimentary combination for example:  Bridle Horse Training and Relationship Building.

Workshops can be focused on the horses or the humans or both.  For example, if you have a stable or herd of horses that need some work, the workshop is focused and constructed around them.  The structure looks like this:

Half  Day:  maximum 4 horses.  From 9am to 2pm.
Full Day:  maximum 8 horses.  From 9am to 7pm (One hour lunch break)

Each horse has approximately one hour one on one instruction. The owner can choose to be part of those trainings or can watch and observe. Spectators always welcome. Workshop can also be totally private, to assess the needs of a single horse, who requires more than just a one hour visit. 

Half Day:  Maximum 10 persons.  9am to 2pm
Full Day:  Maximum 20 persons.  9am to 2pm (One hour lunch break)

Trainings conducted in a group learning style and begin with a sit down theoretical component, followed by practical exercises without a horse and finally practical exercises with a horse.  I have also given totally private clinics, focusing on the needs of horse people who wish to have intensive private instruction.

For more information on any of the above, please feel free to write or call me.