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Lessons can involve the following equestrian subjects:
– Emotional Horsemanship
– Harmonious Seat Riding
– Horse Handling Habits
– Horse Psychology and Etymology
– Safe hacking habits, 1 hour ride out lessons.
– Horse and Rider biomechanics
– Reinforcement Groundwork (R+ & R-)
– Horse Habitat, Lifestyle and Nutrition
– Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Level
– Children’s Lessons (Minimum age 10)
It is my promise to you that you will never be forced to do anything which makes you feel unsafe, or confused. We grow at your pace and leave no stone unturned in helping you have all the skills with horses you desire to have.
I ask all clients taking lessons to sign a normal disclaimer about safety prior and expect you to have health insurance.
For those who will ride I have an 80kg weight limit and those over 75kg walking and short trotting periods only. All in person lesson clients are expected to be of reasonable fitness and free from diseases or disorders, physical or psychological
which might exclude you from equestrian activities. If you feel like you might disqualify for lessons, please contact me to discuss.
Clients coming for in person lessons are kindly asked to be punctual, preferably 10 minutes early so we may have a coffee and a chat before getting started.
Lessons cancelled less than 2 hours prior to agreed appointment time incur a full lesson charge. Lessons can be cancelled and rescheduled up to 2 hours prior to agreed lesson time.

It is at my discretion to decide if you are ready to ride in the lessons or not, and at what pace. I do not ask the horses who give lessons with me (At this time 3 horses) to carry riders who are not properly and safely prepared.

There are many reasons that make Lachlan a great but even more, unique teacher. Among them his clear and contageous passion for horses and for his job but especially for the role he has and want to have in a rider’s life.
I personally ride Western and to be honest I was a bit concerned about being thaught in a different enviornment and with a different setting. However, instead of trying to overwrite my current style, Lachlan leveraged on it and worked with me in order to enhance it and take it to the next level and I appreaciate him so much for that!
Further, what also makes Lachlan an incredible teacher is his sensitivity and his abitlity to read people and horses. He talks to you, he listens to your story and passions, he observes you on the horse and he reads you like an open book and then he teaches you on a way that really works for you! This customization of his teaching methods and approach is clear when assisting to multiple lessons on multiple riders. Simply inspiring!!
About his teaching in particular, what I find extremely effective is his profound knowledge of the horses, psychologically and anatomically. He is able to read horses’ expression and understand whether they re comfortable with the rider or if they are being lazy or simply they have given enough already. He then reads the horse’ s body and understand what they need and whether something his wrong. He does all of that out loud, so the rider also listen and can observe and learn from all of this knowledge. This is absolutely mind changing, since it gives riders a new perspective on riding and to train with their horses. What is exceptionally good and helpful is that every time Lachlan gives you a recommendation and corrects your posture or your actions, he explain also why and he does it in a very simple though detailed way, that you fully understand.
Bottom line, I definitely recommend to every rider who has the chance to let themselves be inspired and infected by Lachlan’s skills, passion and expertise!”


In three words, Lachlan is patient, knowledgeable, and well rounded. He is open to new ways of training and doesn’t just have one set way to do things. He’s flexible and works with horses individually and tends to their specific needs. He is great with horses on the ground and can help people understand what their horse is communicating to them. In understanding this means of communication between horse and rider, Lachlan can help deepen the bond between you and your horse allowing for more success in the saddle.
Lachlan is the only person who has ridden my Shire successfully at the walk, trot, and canter. She is hypersensitive and needs a very calm, relaxed rider who can give accurate and precise cues by using specific muscles of the body. Lachlan is a person who can do just that. He knows about pressure, when to release, and how to keep a horse happy and relaxed through his seat. He is a wonderful person, a great rider, and more knowledgeable about horses’ welfare than most trainers I’ve met! I highly recommend him.”


I feel so lucky to have met Lachlan during my working holiday in Spain. We had 5 lessons together and I felt a huge positive change in my riding and general understanding in such a short space of time.
I can only imagine how amazing it would be to have regular lessons with him.
Lachlan is so observant, talented, intelligent and a fantastic people-person as well as having an immense understanding of horses.
He connects with his clients on a personal level; literally straight away Lockie 100% accurately grasped my strengths and weaknesses which really helped us know what to focus on.
Lachlan can read horses incredibly well and knows what is coming next. Not only does he understand their behaviour (amongst other things) so well but he does a fabulous job of teaching and explaining it which is not easy to do. This allowed me to learn so many things (that were new to me at the time) and also have an understanding of everything which I will take forward with me, despite us not having long together.
I really don’t know anyone else who has this ability with understanding both people and horses so well.
I hope to cross paths again some day as I don’t think I could learn enough if I tried….!
Thanks Lockie!


“Lachlan’s teaching is different to any I’ve experienced in the uk. He is always quiet and calm, and so insightful to what both you and the horse are feeling. He always knew exactly what the horse was going to do next and he made each person I saw him teach connect to what he was saying on a personal level. Also, his knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology is immense, and necessary for what he does. Would thoroughly recommend lessons with him!”


Private coaching
We meet virtually, through any video conference format you prefer, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp and you have my undivided attention for our conversation.
I will essentially ask you several simple questions about your equestrian life and take notes on your answers. From there you and I together make a list of your strengths, and formulate a plan to maximise them, and gather a list of your weaknesses and you are given homework.
I have a large private library of training tutorials on YouTube. I will link you to the appropriate techniques when they apply.
Monthly Membership
If you need a technique I have not yet in my video library, then I create that for you in about 7-10 working days time. You will be given a training plan that is unique for you and your horses.
We meet for a consultation virtually twice a month to reinforce everything you are doing.
You are able to send me privately up to 2 hours of video content, edited or unedited, for me to review, annotate and return back to you with handy hints and tips.
You get a lot of private, bespoke involvement from me for a very fair price, less than the cost of 2 lessons in person.


Whilst enduring a difficult time with my horse I came across Lockie by chance on social media.
Through chatting via messenger online and also Skype, Lockie helped me to develop a clear picture of what was going on- not a pretty picture but real- honest- one that allowed me to start to rebuild the relationship that had gone very off track.
With my new level of understanding alongside Lockie’s support and guidance my horse is now calm, cooperative and more peaceful than ever.
I feel we not only have our connection back but it’s on a greater level.
The honesty, support and compassion I experienced from Lockie lifted me during a period of despair – I felt I’d lost my boy and thanks to you Lockie I now have him back ❤️”

I have been lucky enough to have lessons with Lockie, visit him for a horsemanship holiday and train with him online. He has opened my eyes to a new type of horsemanship where horses are treated as equal partners. He has taught me to respect and value what horses can teach us in addition to what we can teach them. For me he has been a gateway to understanding their language and I continue to marvel at the incredible relationship he has with his horse who, as a result of Lockie’s approach, seems to be one of the most calm, relaxed and happy horses I have ever met.

“I found a very good teacher in Lockie, from personal development to how I get along with both my horses.
Through online coaching calls – reviews of my own videos – teaching videos to show me how certain movements should be done. The way he teaches is very helpful and complete like this. I feel that I am building a much deeper relationship with my horses and we are having more pleasure during training sessions.
As a side note: I am practically born between horses and have a history as an international showjumper & eventer. I am schooled very classic but since I was a
teenager I knew there were other ways than that! Last year I´ve moved from the green Belgium to the very dry Gran Canaria and I knew it was time to change more than just our location!
I am so glad my path led me to him and would RECOMMEND him TO ANYONE who wants to get into a better relationship with their horse, who wants to invest in training instead of that new shiny pair of boots.
The online lessons/coaching sessions have been very useful, I am so glad we can still do 1:1 sessions via technology nowadays. This is the digital time, where we can learn and connect online and practice at our own pace and on our known space. It´s not only the horse that needs trained, the owner/rider that needs to be trained too! If you realise that, expat equestrian
might be the right way to go for you! “

“I’ll start by saying that lachlan basically saved my life. I know it may sound crazy , but I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t met him.
I haven’t yet had the privilege to meet him in person yet , but he has helped me over Skype, text message via messenger and audio chats.

Lachlan, you have given me and tango our life back , you saved our relationship and you helped me overcome my own problems , you were there when I needed someone to listen and give me some kind and positive advice and vibes.
We still have a loooonngg way to go , but I just hope you can get really how much you have helped us and how much you mean to us.
Thankyou so much , you are an amazing friend and it’s an honour to know you.

I would rate 10* if I could! But 5* will have to do!.
Highly recommend lachlan, very professional and has heaps of knowledge. Can’t go wrong!


I have 8 years experience working with barefoot horses. Barefoot trimming is new to my services on offer. What I lack so far in years of experience I make up for in attention to detail and my thorough education. I look forward to gaining more years of experience as I age!
I studied in person with teachers in my Horsemanship academy in Poland, online in a similar way that I teach now, and through a great deal of self study.
In a short space of time I have successfully worked with
– Shod to barefoot transitions
– Horses with a Laminitis history
– White line disease
– Chronic flares, chips, cracks and splits
– Medio-lateral imbalances
– Low heels (underrun), high heels (club feet)
– Contracted heels and atrophied frogs
– Chronic thrush
– Hard working barefoot horses in both arid and temperate climates
– Many different breeds from Warmbloods, Iberian, Drafts and AQH and more.
– Different ages, from under 5 to 20+

In Person Trimming
I keep a very small group of horses on my in person trimming program. Trimming is not my only skill set on service, and so I like to keep my client base small. Quality trims with high attention to detail, rather than quantity because I need high numbers to make a living. I do not perform a farriers interpretation of a barefoot trim, or a pasture trim. This is a customised barefoot trim, designed for high quality barefoot perfection, or as close as we can get!
For those living outside of my area, I offer my HOOF SCHOOL ONLINE:
This group is private and small group for supportive and SHAME FREE learning for owners who would like to support their hoof care provider, or learn to trim their horses entirely on their own, with professional and kind support.
You have access to x2 video calls per month. Unlimited support in our private facebook group. Access for life to our Barefoot Basics and Barefoot Refinement Technique Tutorial Library, which is always updating. Entry membership gets you x2 guided trims a month via color coded photograph diagrams, x5 diagrams per hoof. For casual membership for people who have learned the essentials, you have twice a month my review of your after trim photos.
I take you step by step through the program, progressing only when you have understood the step that came before. This is done in layman’s terms and in a friendly, flexible environment.


Lockie is a great trimmer and also a great teacher with a wonderful feel for the horses he works with. I love the passion and the patience he brings to his work and I highly recommend him.
When my new horse, Tizon, started his barefoot journey, I presumed it would be a lengthy and sometimes painful process. His feet had been neglected for a long time and were a mess. Instead, five months on, and we’ve not had a single sore day, his feet are shaping up beautifully, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.


Very knowledgeable trimmer, who is exceptional with horses with previous trauma experiences. Authentic and a rare gem. Am personally very happy with my experience with Lachlan.
Should I in future be looking to delve deeper in the hoof world, I would not hesitate to ask Lachlan.
He’s a good laugh too! 5 Stars!

Lockie is (…) is also a very good trimmer and has a sound knowledge of the holistic care of Horses.
Cant recommend more highly.
I am looking forward to working more closely together in the future.

I have six horses and live on and island with no trimmers or farriers. My horses are mainly rescues. I always wanted to ride the horse, but this was difficult for many reasons and one was that their hooves were not ready for it. So finally I enrolled with one horse Jack in the Expat Equestrian Hoof School last August. Jack is about 20 years and was always walking mellow and slow, but now he trots like a teenager and today I saw him choose to jump over a pole for the first time.
Learning to trim him with the Expat Hoof School was a very good experience for me because I could learn, step by step, hoof by hoof how to do with really good guidance by Lachlan Mitchell Phillips – Here is a video with Jack and Spirit where you can see Jack (the lighter brown horse) easily choosing to canter and also even canter up hill. This change has happened gradually over the last 8 months. Now I have enrolled three more horses to the Hoof School. Thanks a lot for your easy to follow for beginners program!

Sweet, simple (not so hard as you think) and successible teaching about hooves ❤ Now I can control on my own my horse’s feet. Truly recommend

My horses WORST hoof


Spaces strictly limited to 2 horses.
Currently have availability for 1 more horse.

For horses who would like to be trained from scratch or retrained according to Emotional Horsemanship principals and practises I offer a minimum three month stay with me, at our private training location in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
I promise your horse:
– Quarantined accommodation in large private paddock with 24/7 shelter, water and forage (Mixture grazing and low sugar hay/straw)
– Immaculate paddock, mucked out to zero daily, sometimes twice daily.
– Strong, solar electric fencing. Your horse will not be a flight risk here.
– 24/7 supervision, even when I am not on the property.
– 5 Training sessions 2 days off per week.
– Groundwork & Riding according to Emotional Horsemanship
– Modern, high quality supplemental nutrition!
Grain free, low starch, anti-inflammatory supplements. Brands currently in use are Spillers balancers, Saracen grain free fibre pellets, Kentucky Equine ‘Equi Jewel’, Synbiovit TRM probiotics, Electrolytes, Magnesium/Tryptophan TRM and more. I can include vaccines and deworming in the price but additional vet visits are not included.
– Barefoot Trimming included (maximum twice per month), including corrective trimming of pathologies or problems.
– Peace and quiet, a relaxing environment far from main roads and public, but easily accessible by normal car.
– Regular video updates on your horses progress, and endless text updates (You will be sick of hearing from me, but you deserve the right to know what I am DOING with your horse)
– AFTER CARE: Before your horse is sent home you must come and have lessons here with your horse to learn their training program and what to do. I will send you home with tools and a plan to succeed when your horse departs. The number of lessons you take will entirely depend upon what your horse needs and will be agreed upon mutually.


Horsemanship Holidays are a chance for you to escape your daily grind and engage in LEARNING and skill development with horses.
This is not a Horseback Riding Retreat, though riding is certainly involved.
This is not a sleep and eat retreat, though relaxing it will certainly be.
This is an educational, engaging AND relaxing horse holiday with me!
Come and join me in Spain and for a very reasonable price I will teach you privately everything I am able to teach you, during our time together. Yes, you will get to meet and train with Sanson and join his growing fan club!
You will be accommodated on a family finca, in their guest apartment, which is modern, clean, freshly renovated and self contained. You will have a private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, a pantry and fridge stocked with the basics and some yummy extras. You will have shared access to a large swimming pool and relaxing patio. All this approximately 1 minute walk from the paddocks and your lessons with me.
You will be making your own breakfasts and lunches with food and produce provided, but dinners will be a group affair if you wish, where the days lessons will be discussed and we relax together.
Learn and re-set your horsemanship in a private, relaxing environment!
Three different options available. “Relax” Holiday involves one private lesson a day, “Relax & Ride” involves two lessons a day, and “Horse Lovers” involves ALL DAY with the horses, I will involve you in all aspects of the day to day running of our set-up.
This Holiday also includes longer rides up in the Sierra Nevada National Park at Dallas Love’s Sierra Trails, one of the oldest and most well respected Horseback Riding Stables in Spain. You will get a taste of the Spanish Alpine life on the back of a perfectly bred, perfectly trained Spanish horse, together with me as your guide.

For those of you who do not have a whole week to spare OF COURSE bespoke itineraries can be created. Simply contact me, and together we will design the Horsemanship Holiday of your dreams!

I highly recommend working with Lachlan. His dacing background makes him a perfect, proffessional rider and trainer. He listens to his clients and – what is the most important – he listens to horses that he works with. He is diligent and he constantly upgrades his knowlege and skills. He is kind and gentle yet strong and effective leader for his horses.
He is more than a trainer – he can be your life coach if you only let him!”

“I have been lucky enough to have lessons with Lockie, visit him for a horsemanship holiday and train with him online. He has opened my eyes to a new type of horsemanship where horses are treated as equal partners. He has taught me to respect and value what horses can teach us in addition to what we can teach them. For me he has been a gateway to understanding their language and I continue to marvel at the incredible relationship he has with his horse who, as a result of Lockie’s approach, seems to be one of the most calm, relaxed and happy horses I have ever met.”

“Lockie is a true horseman who can invite you into taking part in horses life. It doesn’t mean only trainings, you can change youre being with horses. I’ve changed. I’m so thankful that I had a possibility to meet him, train with him and take part in the best horsemanship holidays. Open-minded, non judgemental, true to himself, always improving. “

Discover the beauty of the Spanish mountains and relax with horses

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