Horse and Rider Trainings



First Lesson: 130 PLN / 30 Euro

One hour lesson: 90 PLN /  20 Euro

5 lesson Package:  425pln / 98 Euro  (85 PLN / 19 Euro per lesson)  

10 lesson package: 800 pln / 185 Euro  (80 PLN / 18 Euro per lesson)

Transport City to Stable:  30 PLN per person, return.  Collection from Warsaw city center, to the stable, and delivery back to collection point.  Journey time approximately 45 minutes, traffic depending.


Lessons can focus on the following

  • CONFIDENCE BUILDING: overcoming your fear of horses.  Overcoming your horses fear of work, people or their environment.Lachlan&Salvador_999A0239


  • HARMONIOUS SEAT RIDING:  Tension free, coordinated riding for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.  No prior experience necessary.  Learn how to ride without pain or injury to the horse and the human  cropped-img_3255.jpg


  • HORSE DANCING: ground work exercises designed to build your bond with your horse, improve inter-species communication, progress and strengthen your horses physical condition without gimicks, expensive equipment or force, and reveal true movement talent potential with you and the horse you are with.



  • YOUNG HORSES:  Preparing young or green horses for development.  Everything from basic life skills and husbandy, to preparing for riding under saddle.  We can get your horse started. 10276984_10152128603207000_5336658143746330497_n



  • REHABILITATION:  Perhaps you have a horse who has lost it’s way, or become hard to manage.  I have extensive experience in rehabilitation of both neglect and abuse cases.


All appointments are invoiced and include 23% VAT

Lachlan Phillips


ul. Kierbedzia 6/3 00-728

Mokotów Warszawa


tel: 790 301 298

NIP: PL 5213816395

REGON: 369655637

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