It is about putting the HORSE FIRST.  The Horse, not only as an individual but as a species is always our focus, and always the beginning, the middle and the end.  I put the horse above styles of training, career or sport, and above the needs of the human or the rider.  THE HORSE COMES FIRST!


Horsemanship is the practise of all aspects of an equestrian life.

Whether horses are a part time hobby, an aspiring profession, or your full time job, Horsemanship teaches vital skills and techniques to help you get handier around horses.


Personally, Horsemanship is more important than the skill set and techniques that you learn and perfect.  Every horse is different and each human is different.  Depending on how much you travel outside your cultural bubble, there are thousands of different styles of horse training.  Horsemanship is more than training, tradition or technique.

Horsemanship is an attitude and a way of life. 

This is why I named my business Expat Equestrian.  


Do I teach a wide variety of different training techniques, systems and methods?  Yes.
Do I teach riding lessons?  Yes.
Do I teach management and welfare practises including saddle fit, nutrition, natural horse keeping and more?  Yes.
Are my methods a mixture of those I have studied and collected from Equine cultures from all over the world, together with my own inventions?  Yes.

But more importantly I train the human how to approach a horse, so that the horse likes them, understands them and chooses to be around them.

I want my clients to be happy with horses WITHOUT the need to employ a trainer.  I do not desire dependence upon the trainer indefinitely.

“give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Our goal is that by working together, we can help you to grow as a horseman or horsewomen and become handier, more successful and safer with almost any horse anywhere.


I approach our lessons  to help you to gather useful techniques and new abilities.  But primarily to train your attitude towards horses to transcend all of that and succeed with the HORSE as a SPECIES!

I have seen many examples of very fine riders who are perhaps admired and revered at their local riding school, but when they come into contact with a horse from a different culture of training and riding, they were totally lost!  On the flip side, I have seen people with very basic technical skills succeed in communicating with and managing multiple horses, even difficult horses, in multiple countries, no matter what type of training that horse came from!  THAT is the difference between simple ‘Riding Lessons’ and HORSEMANSHIP.

Inside my Horsemanship lessons the studies are both theoretical and practical.  They can include any of the following upon request:

  • Harmonious seat riding; Relaxed, simple, easy to understand rider biomechanics
  • Groundwork; choosing from a huge variety of syllabus.  From relationship relaxation,  human body awareness, bond building,  lunging,  gymnastics, backing and saddling, bridling, liberty work, trick training, self carriage training and bio-mechanical engagement exercises.
  • Bridle Horse training; in the Californios Vaquero tradition.  Including elements of American or ‘Cowboy’ dressage.  The result is a highly trained dressage horse that can be ridding in collection, with precision, one handed.  This is not English or European ‘two-handed’ Dressage, but the results for the horse are almost the same.
  •  Rehab horses; troubled and problematic horses that need extra help.  A horse who has lost its way, creating special needs that require ‘re-starting’ them from the beginning.
  • Backing and starting; green horses and fresh youngsters.  Gentling and saddle training with patience and kindness.
  • Natural Horse Keeping, Nutrition and Husbandy consulting; if you want to improve your horses quality of life but not sure where to start, I can consult with you to create a healthier lifestyle and living environment for your horses based upon their need as nature intended.

    For more information on any of the above, please feel free to write or call me. 🙂