Lots more references and reviews are available to view on my facebook page.  The following reviews have been selected as examples and in some cases are willing to make a personal working reference if you wish to speak with someone who is familiar with me and my work in person.



Owner Manager of Caballo Blanco Trekking center, Spain.

  20+ years of quality equestrian experiences in Andalucia

I write to confirm that Lachlan has been working at our Trekking Centre in Spain for seasonal work from July 2012, working the summer seasons and also the Christmas holidays on the Ranch.

Lachlan has worked as a Trekking Guide, taking out groups of both experienced riders and complete beginners for treks in the mountains & giving lessons to all levels of riders. He has also been involved with training and schooling of young horses, working with rehabilitation of rescue horses and with rider development in both ground work and ridden work at the Ranch.

Lachlan has been a big asset to the stables and has excellent communication skills with both clients and horses. Sensitive but firm, his techniques have proven to show great results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lachlan as a trainer to other riding establishments. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and delightful to work with.

Please contact me at the above address, or telephone numbers, if you require any further information. We would be happy to give Lachlan a personal working reference.

Yours sincerely

S A Vesey
Owner & Manager Caballo Blanco Trekking

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Owner/manager Old Oak Stable, Pęczniew Poland

Masters Degree in  Marketing

Consultant at nConsulting 

Founder Horseway Foundation for Personal Development

Since 2012, Lachlan Phillips has cooperated with our company initially as a volunteer helping with training horses and riders, and since 2015 as a trainer during equestrian classes, English language workshops and consultations in the field of horse nutrition and training.

Working in our company, he showed his experience in the field of effective communication methods, as well as knowledge about various methods of training horses and riders.

During all his work Lachlan proved to be a kind, calm person who has clearly defined goals and conscientiously achieves them. He is an optimist, a communicative person with unusual skills in terms of empathy and effective communication with both people and animals. He can work both independently and in a group. He is a loyal, responsible and committed person who performs his tasks precisely and systematically.

Moreover Lachlan is not only ambitious and eager to learn but also he likes new challenges. While working in our training company, he used all possible opportunities to gain additional qualifications – he completed Licensed Horse and Rider Trainer Course based on the unique Horseway® method and attended workshops on hoof care, horse physiotherapy, communication and leadership.

With full responsibility I can recommend Mr. Lachlan Phillips as a professional trainer, coach and associate.

Izabela Domagała


Stable Manager Caballo Blanco Trekking Centre.

So BSc(Hons) Equine Science 

BHS Stages 1&2 

MSc Applied Marine Science and PGCE Secondary Science

Lachlan and I first met during the summer of 2014, although his reputation had preceded him for a number of years prior to this – and in a good way of course. Many mutual workmates had spoken of a talented horseman who combined competent horsemanship with a strong work ethic and good humour.

Both excellent and very desirable qualities at the horse trekking centre in southern Spain that I was managing at the time.

Lachlan’s calm and patient nature are a tonic for both people and animals alike. While he undoubtedly has a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, he is also skilled at toning this down, a quality which I believe helps him communicate very effectively with animals, particularly horses.

By allowing horses the opportunity to express themselves in a calm and safe environment, Lachlan gives them the chance to explore what is being asked of them in a way that also provides security, reassurance and positive reinforcement. Many horses are not afforded this liberty by other trainers.

I have found that everyone I know who has met Lachlan can learn from watching him work quietly yet confidently around horses. Even those who think they ‘know it all’ could certainly use his techniques to their advantage. Whether or not they could admit that is, of course, another matter.

Whilst Lachlan is modest to a fault with regards to his training abilities, he is also incredibly willing to pass on his knowledge and provide detailed explanations as to the logic behind his methods. Having seen him work with numerous horses over the years, I can attest to the fact that he is a very skilled and intuitive trainer.

Lachlan is always aiming to improve himself, be it through the completion of online based university courses, or through training certifications. I am aware that he has completed courses in Equine Nutrition and Equine Management, as well as being a certified equine trainer in Poland.

In addition to these qualities, Lachlan has proved himself to be a talented mentor. I became involved in the brand Ghost Saddles upon Lachlan’s recommendation. Lachlan is the distributor for Poland and when showing me the product and demonstrating how it had the potential to suit me and my horse, he also suggested that this could be a potential business opportunity for me as well.

Selfless with his time and advice, Lachlan has been instrumental in helping me establish my equine business. I am wholeheartedly sure that whatever his chosen endeavour, Lachlan can and will succeed.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

Yours faithfully,

Emma Stenhouse

Emma and trifle!


Private horse owner, Warsaw Poland


I have met Lachlan during probably the biggest crisis I have ever had with my horse. I felt completely powerless and just didn’t know what to do. I felt like whatever I do it just doesn’t work. I was and still sometimes am self-cautious, I didn’t see any way out of the situation where my horse was really stubborn about some things and I just loved him too much to just made him do things I wanted without his permission.

Lachlan showed me that sometimes I just have to treat Tadek less delicately only because it’s good for him, as an individual. And by that I don’t mean forcing my horse to do something, more like find way to make us both satisfied and slowly pushing our boundaries to progress and still being the most gentle for each other as it’s possible

What I love is that Lachlan will never force you to do anything. You will talk through everything and decide what you’re going to do together

Because Lachlan is a dancer, his knowledge about muscles and biomechanics of movement, both of a horse and a human, is just incredible. You’ll get to know how to loose the muscles that you didn’t even know existed. And then it will turn out that horse will respond to that immediately. Also, from the other side, Lachlan will realize any of your horse’s even tiniest issues that you never thought of, and help you improve that.

But the most important thing for me what kind of person Lachlan is. You won’t get any bigger psychological help during trainings than from him. He is the kindest man with head full of ideas and knowledge.

Lachlan is one of my best friends now, we’ve known each other for few years and I can’t even think of amount of things that he helped me deal with. I can only thank him and say how proud of him I am because of how he is progressing and achieving everything that he wanted

I highly recommend at least trying having training with him and then I guarantee you will see for your own eyes everything that I’m trying to say this whole time.

If you looking for teacher that is bright, open-minded, creative and has a big heart….. It just doesn’t get any better than Lachlan ❤️



Private Horse owner, UK

Self employed

I was introduced to Lachlan by a mutual friend who said he was an excellent trainer that she thought could help me. We only spoke online but because of his insight I made progress that I wouldn’t have believed possible. 

Lachlan is a very talented and empathetic horseman who is very adept at dissecting the human/horse relationship and figuring out exactly where the problems lie. It is all about understanding that particular horse/owner and working out the best way forward, with Lachlan there is no ‘one approach suits all’ methodology. The help he has given me has been immeasurable. If you are looking for a horse ‘guru’ who is prepared to spend endless time working out a personal and individual approach to problem solving for you and your equine, then look no further. Thank you Lachlan!29366189_10211108876027092_8606830890263248896_n.jpg


A big thank you to these lovely ladies for their open heart and their willingness! ❤ 🙂