Skype Sessions

I offer Skype trainings to troubleshoot your Equestrian issues.

These are easy, affordable and highly useful.  They already have a proven success rate with several clients already taking advantage of this offer.


“Whilst enduring a difficult time with my horse I came across Lockie by chance on social media.
Through chatting via messenger online and also Skype, Lockie helped me to develop a clear picture of what was going on- not a pretty picture but real- honest- one that allowed me to start to rebuild the relationship that had gone very off track.
With my new level of understanding alongside Lockie’s support and guidance my horse is now calm, cooperative and more peaceful than ever.
I feel we not only have our connection back but it’s on a greater level.
The honesty, support and compassion I experienced from Lockie lifted me during a period of despair – I felt I’d lost my boy and thanks to you Lockie I now have him back ❤️  ”
Rachael Leigh

I’ll start by saying that lachlan basically saved my life. I know it may sound crazy , but I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t met him.
I haven’t yet had the privilege to meet him in person yet , but he has helped me over Skype, text message via messenger and audio chats.

Keeping a very long story short , me and my 5 yr old warmblood have been together a year. I backed him myself and we had a very good relationship up to the beginning of this year when I was going through very tough time with personal things which was affecting my mental health.

For the months after that in January it was just like a rollercoaster. He started spooking everywhere, throwing his head , not relaxing , hated everything and neither of us were enjoying being around each other or riding or anything at all. Just hated life!.
It was all getting to much being so stressed and focused on getting him going perfect for shows to compete and ready for FEI standards and really competing in general!.
The final straw was when I had a lesson and we were working on getting him “in a frame” when going into canter.
He proceeded to buck going into the transition , after the transition and was just really unhappy.
It was (as always) just put down to that “he’s 5 and he’s testing you” , but I know him pretty well and that is not him at all!.
He only acts out if something is bothering him and/or he is uncomfortable or confused.
So after that day, I messaged lachlan and told him what had happened, we talked on Skype. It was then I decided to just take a massive step back , rethink my life and change it!.
Since that day I have had my ups and down , broken down in tears , had major highs , but the one thing that was consistent was lachlan’s ability to guide me and help me when I was at the end of my tether.
Me and tango have been doing more groundwork, more lunging, hacking and very little schooling.
When we do things in the school we keep it short , sweet and enjoyable..
We are now working long and low only, on lunge and ridden , he has taken to it like a duck to water and just loves every second we spend together.
He even came up to me and positioned his bumb to me so I could scratch it for him which he hadn’t done since last year. It was such a nice feeling and then I laid over his bum and we just chilled out , it was night time , dark but he was so relaxed and so was I.

In the past month our relationship has slowly been building back up , I’ve been more relaxed and confident and positive , he has become relaxed and confident again , I’ve been riding tackless in the school again , and just letting go and feeling free!.
I don’t have anything holding me down or restricting me , I’m working towards my dream of running my own natural livery yard and most important of all , I have my boy back! We are back stronger than ever and the breakthrough I had today just topped it off!.
After 3 months , I finally rode him passed the scary alleyway that he used to spook , spin and bolt off from , he would panic and I’d have to get off , we would dread going past there and just avoid it completely if we got half the chance!!
I nearly cried when I managed to pass the scary place on him bitless in his sidepull and him not try to run in fear.
That to me means more than any stupid ribbon or trophy.
I am eternally grateful to gave the opportunity to work with such a talented , knowledgeable and kind human being. A rare kind of person that nowadays you just won’t meet.

Lachlan, you have given me and tango our life back , you saved our relationship and you helped me overcome my own problems , you were there when I needed someone to listen and give me some kind and positive advice and vibes.

We still have a loooonngg way to go , but I just hope you can get really how much you have helped us and how much you mean to us.
Thankyou so much , you are an amazing friend and it’s an honour to know you.

I would rate 10* if I could! But 5* will have to do!.
Highly recommend lachlan, very professional and has heaps of knowledge. Can’t go wrong!.

Thankyou once again.
From Amelia and Tango .  ”

To book a Skype session feel free to contact me, availability limited.